What Makes Metalphoto the Material of Choice for Metal Nameplates?

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Snow, sleet, sunlight, salt spray, humidity, heat, high pressure, wind, and extreme temperatures … name a weather condition and U.S. Nameplate’s products will withstand it.

For nearly 70 years, we’ve been the supplier of choice for large industries including construction, electronics, and the military. These original equipment manufacturers know they can trust the durability and performance of all our products.

At U.S. Nameplate Co. we manufacture our products to survive the harshest possible conditions. From nameplates to property and asset tags to control panels, we use an advanced Metalphoto® process to protect all the products we produce. Metalphoto has been designated the most durable aluminum substrate available. Here at U.S. Nameplate, we produce Metalphoto parts used a lot military-grade specifications known to go through some of the toughest conditions.

Here’s how the Metalphoto process works: We begin with an aluminum base and permanently embed black graphics by embossing the surface with metallic silver particles. Based on your specifications, we imprint your metal nameplate or tag with the information you request. We then seal this image and cover it with a sapphire-hard anodic layer. This clear and hard coating resists abrasions, chemicals, and debris. The process is safe and quick and produces an extremely sharp image. It is also incredibly tough and sturdy. In fact, we guarantee Metalphoto printing will last up to 20 years in even the harshest outside conditions.

This long-lasting performance saves you money and time. Further, the Metalphoto process meets strict military and industry standards.

In addition to heavy-duty specifications, you’ll also appreciate how easily we can create Metalphoto products. If your image or text can be photographed, we can create a clear and crisp reproduction. The process couldn’t be simpler. We use your film and process it directly on to the plate.

Durable. Rugged. Dependable. Why trust your panels, tags, and nameplates to anything other than the Metalphoto process from U.S. Nameplate?

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