Customer Testimonials

"We absolutely love our new nameplates! You should have seen the look on my boss's face when he first examined them. They really turned out great and I just want to thank you for making that happen. We're already very proud of what we make here but when we put these new nameplates onto our furniture, it will be a reminder to ourselves and our customers that we only put our name on the highest quality product."

Jonathan L., Purchasing Agent - Horn of America, Inc.

"US Nameplate did a wonderful job escalating my order that was needed in less than 5 business days to avoid a plant line down. Jason and team did a wonderful job squeezing my order in their production schedule, given a lead time of 28 days. With just a small break in fee they made it happen, and they we’re able to have my parts produced in just a few business days, and we were able to avoid major repercussions."

Travis S., Corporate Buyer - Defiance Metal Products