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Electronics manufacturers trust U.S. Nameplate Company to produce durable products specific to their needs. A commonly used substrate specified in blueprints of overlays and labels is polycarbonate. This material is durable, easily embossed for push button controls, readily punched for cut outs to access switches, and provides the option for clear or color display windows.

U.S. Nameplate Company has a variety of electronics industry customers that manufacture rugged computers/components and tablets, circuit board assembly tools, high speed digital and microprocessors, among other products.

Apex Tool Group electronic equipment tags
Cooper Crouse Hinds decals for electronic equipment
Crystal Group nameplates for electronic equipment
Danfoss electronic equipment decals
Kimball electronic equipment nameplates
Mercury Electronics control panel overlays
Mobiledemand control panels
FW Murphy for Enovation Controls dead front panels
FW Murphy for Enovation Controls dead front panels

U.S. Nameplate Company is an UL authorized label supplier as well as a recognized supplier for UL system I and II labeling and marking systems.

Our team members participate in organizations and tradeshows to stay informed about the electronics industry.

U.S. Nameplate Company looks forward to having you visit us at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

  • Durable indoor and outdoor brand identity for your company
  • Materials that can withstand harsh or extreme temperature variances
  • UV resistance
  • Tamper proof components

We are proud members of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).