Data Rating Plates

Rating Plates

Data-Rating Plates can be custom designed and cut to your specifications. Plates can be etched, screen or digitally printed, or Metalphoto® processed at any size. Available with standard or custom adhesives. Data-rating plates can be embossed, laminated, punched, and trimmed.

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.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Bright
  • Foil
  • Mill Finish


.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Black
  • Clear
  • Red
  • Gold


.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Satin Gold


.020" - .032" THICKNESSES

  • Brushed Finish


.010" - .035" THICKNESSES

  • 2B Mill Finish


  • Metalphoto®, Etching, Screen and Digital Printing Available
  • Variety of Adhesives to suit many applications
  • Hole Cuts (Any Location) from .05" to 3.5" in Size - varies by material and thickness
  • Hole Patterns Machined to Strictest Tolerance
  • Up to 25 Year Outdoor Exposure
  • UL Listed Products
  • Embossing and Forming Capabilities
  • Sequential Numbering and Bar Coding
data-rating plate fabrication process

Custom Data & Specification Plates

Many industries require specific safety information including limitations for weight, temperature, lifting, or electrical hookups.

Rating labels and specification plates document the different limitations of industrial equipment for several industries, such as construction, mining, and manufacturing. Common applications for data rating and specification plates are motors, pumps, fans, heating equipment, and lighting fixtures.

These plates help operators understand a product’s performance specifications to help ensure proper use and safety for both the operator and the equipment.

Some customers ask us to fill in their information, and others require blank plates so they can fill it in themselves.We can design your rating plate based on your specifications or can leave your plate empty for later written instructions. From small orders to large runs, we will custom design and produce a rating plate tailored to your needs and your industry.

Anodized aluminum is a great material for rating plates as they are put through some of the toughest conditions in the construction, mining and general industries that require their metal products to stand the test of time.

U.S Nameplate is proud to be an ISO certified and an authorized supplier of UL standard rating labels. UL certification allows manufacturers such as U.S. Nameplate Company to legally produce UL Labels. Products that are UL Certified wear the official UL mark. The UL inform customers that the product they are using is UL certified or safe, energy efficient, and environmentally sound.