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COVID-19 Safety Products

U.S. Nameplate Co. has manufactured hundreds of thousands of desperately needed face shields and social distancing signage for:​ hospitals, state agencies, colleges/universities and businesses across the country. As companies across the country re-open their facilities, our face shields and custom signage are useful tools to help prevent the spread of COVID19.

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Protective Face Shields

Price: $2.00 - $3.50/each

Our Face Shields are designed to fit comfortably on adults or kids. We've made sure they are durable and can be cleaned, making them highly re-usable.

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Floor Graphic Example

Floor Graphics

Price: $3.75 - $21/each

Custom floor graphics that can be used to remind people of social distancing rules.

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Safety Sign Example

Safety Signs

Price: $7.85 - $17.75/each

24" x 24" safety signs that are great for promoting social distancing in any space.

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About US Nameplate Inc.

U.S. Nameplate Company is a family-owned and operated manufacturer located in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and we've been in business for more than 70 years.

Experience with Face Shields

This year, we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of face shields for hospitals, state agencies, colleges/universities and businesses across the country. The transition to meet this demand was right in our wheelhouse, utilizing materials we’re already experienced manufacturing.

Producing Social Distancing Graphics & Signage

Safety signage and adhesive graphics are two products we've manufactured for decades. We're highly experienced customizing products such as these, making U.S. Nameplate the perfect partner in creating exactly what you need.

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