Going the Extra Mile

To be the "supplier of choice" to over 3,000 Original Equipment Manufacturers, you have to go the extra mile. That means offering the products and services that today's OEMs need. Quick order turnaround, scheduled delivery, your choice of shipping vendors, and product configurations to help you eliminate waste and keep costs to a minimum are what we do everyday.

industrial metal nameplates

Our Customer Service Representatives are available 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM CST, Monday - Thursday, and 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM CST, Friday. You will always reach someone in person, to help assist you with any questions

metal nameplates

Graphic Services

Our seasoned art department will take your blue-print or artwork and transform it into a press-ready proof. Speak with one of our customer service representatives about artwork preparation or questions about your upcoming project.

safety labels


If your equipment or part manufacturing requires multiple control panels, decals, safety labels, and serial tags, U.S. Nameplate Co. can deliver everything in one kit. Save time and money in the installation process with pre-bundled kits. Request kitting with your next order >

custom industrial decals


Label sets, kits, or individual nameplates, panels, or decals can be kept in inventory for just-in-time delivery. Order ahead and U.S. Nameplate Co. will hold the parts until you need them. Your order will be invoiced upon delivery, not upon ordering. Speak with a customer service representative to learn more.

custom decals

Label Sets

If the machine or piece of equipment you produce has a variety of decals on it, we can consolidate those parts in one print or die operation providing you with a "sheet" of decals ready to apply.

industrial nameplates


U.S. Nameplate Co. does not charge a tooling fee for any in-house equipment. A special one-time charge may be required for a tool that must be created for an order.