Buyer’s Guide: Custom Metal Nameplates

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custom metal nameplates

If you are anything like us, you probably do a lot of your shopping online. When you think of typical online shopping you might think of places like Amazon, Target, or eBay. You might do shopping for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and even furniture at these sites. Have you ever thought about buying your custom metal nameplates online?

One of the greatest advantages of shopping online is the ability to see prices, reviews, features, and pictures all in the same place. Most people like to review and research gifts prior to buying them. Custom metal nameplates are no different.

You can find everything you need to know about our metal nameplates right on our website. Since most metal nameplate orders are custom jobs, pricing typically varies. However, you can submit a request online and we will get right back to you. Whatever your metal nameplate needs, U.S. Nameplate Co. can custom design the perfect solution!


Material & Finish Options

At U.S. Nameplate Co. we offer a variety of materials and finishes to ensure your metal nameplates fit your needs.

We offer aluminum, anodized aluminum, Metalphoto, brass, and stainless steel for all of our nameplates. Each material can be custom made to your desired thickness and finish.

Our custom metal nameplates are manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions. For outdoor use, we use a special etching process that becomes part of the material. We also offer stamping and embossing in a variety of thicknesses.

There are different benefits for using each type of material and finish. We encourage you to read more below to find out more about the two most popular materials we use here at U.S. Nameplate Co; anodized aluminum and Metalphoto.


Anodized Aluminum

Anodizing is a process that coats metals with a very durable, decorative, corrosion resistant, hard film. Aluminum oxide is not applied at the surface, but is fully integrated with the aluminum so it won’t weather. The aluminum is immersed in an acid electrolyte bath. An electric current then passes through, combining the aluminum atoms with oxygen ions that are released from the bath.

Anodized aluminum is durable, easily maintained, cost effective, and environmentally safe. All these characteristics make anodized aluminum one of the most widely used materials today for industrial metal nameplates.



Metalphoto has been designated as the most durable aluminum substrate available on the market. Here at U.S. Nameplate Co. we produce Metalphoto parts used often in military-grade specifications known to go through some of the harshest conditions.

The Metalphoto process begins with an aluminum base which then gets embedded with graphics by embossing the surface with metallic silver particles. We then seal the image and cover it with a hard anodic layer. This hard coating resists chips, chemicals, and other debris.

This process produces an extremely tough, sturdy, and sharp image. We can guarantee that the Metalphoto printing will last up to 20 years in the harshest conditions.

For more information about designing custom metal nameplates with U.S. Nameplate Co., request a quote online or contact us at (319) 895-8804.

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