Case Studies

Custom Industrial Decals

Name of Company: Crystal Group

Type of products you ordered: We order custom decals per a Crystal Group print.

Problem/s faced that drove them to our products:

Before using U.S. Nameplate, our supplier of decals was very inflexible and quality was not consistent.

Results obtained by using our products:Custom Industrial Decals

U.S. Nameplate is very responsive to our demanding needs. We have had very few quality issues. They are a great partner to Crystal Group.

Specs of the Products they ordered (size, color, finish, material):

The majority of the decals we buy have black background color with white lettering made from the 5 mill clear polycarbonate with the 3M467 back adhesive. The decals have a wide range of sizes.

Overall Satisfaction:

Our overall satisfaction with U.S. Nameplate is very high. They are very cost competitive and respond very quickly to our demanding needs when required.

Custom Industrial Decals