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Serial Plates / VIN / Property and Asset Tags

U.S. Nameplate Co. processes and fabricates plates and tags that are used for a variety of purposes. Plates and tags can be custom-made from metal or flexible materials of any size. Plates and tags can be screen or digitally printed for durability or aluminum etched for harsh conditions. Orders can be die cut, laminated, machined, and formed to your specifications. Sequential numbering and barcoding available.

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Serial Tags

Serial tags include specific information and are used in many industries, including farming, mining, transportation, construction and the military. When designed for outdoor use, our serial plates are made with a special etching process guaranteed for extreme durability. We offer a wide variety of materials, finishes, and designs sure to fit your specifications.

Property and Asset Tags

U.S. Nameplate Company's property tags and asset tags enable your company to protect and preserve its assets and prevent theft and loss.

Because everything we do at U.S. Nameplate Company is custom, we have the capability to run small or large quantities based on our customer’s needs. When it comes to serial plates, we will provide just the right look and feel you seek.



.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Bright
  • Foil
  • Mill Finish


.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Black
  • Clear
  • Red
  • Gold


.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Satin Gold


.020" - .032" THICKNESSES

  • Brushed Finish


.010" - .035" THICKNESSES

  • 2B Mill Finish


  • Etching, Metalphoto®, Screen and Digital Printing Available
  • Sequential Numbering and Bar Coding as Designated
  • Variety of Adhesives to suit many applications
  • Hole Cuts (Any Location) from .05" to 3.5" in Size – varies by material and thickness
  • Hole Patterns Machined to Strictest Tolerance
  • Up to 25 Year Outdoor Exposure
  • UL Listed Products
serial plates and tags fabrication process