Data Rating Plates

Data-Rating Plates

Data-Rating Plates can be custom designed and cut to your specifications. Plates can be etched, screen or digitally printed, or Metalphoto® processed at any size. Available with standard or custom adhesives. Data-rating plates can be embossed, laminated, punched, and trimmed.

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Data Rating and Specification Tags

Many products for the construction, mining and general industry are tailored for specific uses and require the disclosure of specific limitations, such as weight limits, temperature ranges, lifting capacities, or electrical hookup information. Based on your specifications, U.S. Nameplate Company will design a data rating or specification plate to convey your product information. Some customers ask us to fill-in their information, and others require blank plates so they can fill it in themselves. From small orders to large runs, we will custom design and produce a rating plate tailored to your needs and your industry.



.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Bright
  • Foil
  • Mill Finish


.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Black
  • Clear
  • Red
  • Gold


.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Satin Gold


.020" - .032" THICKNESSES

  • Brushed Finish


.010" - .035" THICKNESSES

  • 2B Mill Finish


  • Etching, Metalphoto®, Screen and Digital Printing Available
  • Variety of Adhesives to suit many applications
  • Hole Cuts (Any Location) from .05" to 3.5" in Size - varies by material and thickness
  • Hole Patterns Machined to Strictest Tolerance
  • Up to 25 Year Outdoor Exposure
  • UL Listed Products
  • Embossing and Forming Capabilities
  • Sequential Numbering and Bar Coding
data-rating plate fabrication process