Graphic Overlays and Dead front panels

Graphic Overlays and Dead Front Panels

Graphic overlays and dead front panels are available in polycarbonate and polyester materials and can be digitally cut and punched to custom specifications. Precise control markings, dials, safety instructions and brandings are screen or digitally printed onto the overlay. Dead front graphics can be applied and will only appear when back-lit. Overlays and panels can be processed up to 24" x 36" in size.

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Graphic Overlays

No matter what kind of panel you have—be it medical, electronic, instrument, or industrial—U.S. Nameplate Company can design a custom graphic overlay to meet your needs. A customer service specialist will ask you to describe how and where you’d like to use the overlay. He or she will make recommendations about materials, sizes, layout, and design. Because everything we do is custom, we start from scratch with each new order. Our engineer and artists will ensure you receive the ideal product you require.



.005" - .125" THICKNESSES

  • Clear Gloss
  • Clear Gloss, Scratch Resistant
  • Clear Matte, Scratch Resistant
  • Velvet Gloss
  • Velvet Matte
  • Velvet UV Resistant
  • Suede
  • Brushed


.003" - .010" THICKNESSES

  • Clear Gloss
  • Clear Matte, Fine Texture
  • Clear Gloss, Scratch Resistant


  • Precise Control Markings, Dials, Safety Instructions and Brandings are Screen or Digitally Printed
  • Closest Tolerance Die-Cutting, Digital Cutting
  • Deadfront Graphics Only Appear When Back-Lighted
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